Aviation History and Heinkel

Peope envy birds all the time. Since beginning of thw rold, since the first time we humans see birds, we want touch the sky. That dream has not come true until 1903. Wright Brothers work wasn’t about just building machine. They changed brains, ideas, visions, imagination. Innavition actaully means change brain light. Maybe it wasn’t too high even high, maybe not long distances. Sometimes it takes few seconds to brain your light up. It was one of those moments. Thanks and respects.

After a while, exactyle 36 yars later we reached jet engines. Have you heard about Heşnkel HE 178 before? The first mad bird in the sky? The test pilot was Flight-Captain Erich Warsitz, the top speed was 598 km/h, cruise was 580 km/h. HeS 3 turbojet provided 4.4 kN (992 lbf) power.


Wins Span : 23 ft 3 in (7.20 m)

Lenght : 24 ft 6 in (7.48 m)          

Height : 6 ft 10 in (2.10 m)

Empy Weight : 3,572 lb. (1,620 kg)

Max Take off Weight : 4,405 lb (1,998 kg)

Max Speed : 380 mph (598 km/hr)

Range : 125 miles (200 km)

Powerplant : One HeS 3 turbojet, 4.4 kN (992 lbf)


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