History of Power (Serie)

Throughout history, humanity has needed movement. Hunting, running away from enemies or plowing a field, fighting; The need to go from place to place has always been at the core of everything. Various power sources have been used within the developing technology that progresses in direct proportion to the world history. Let’s take a brief look at these.

Animal Power

In the beginning, the only strength available was muscles. Civilizations have benefited from animal power. Humans used their own muscle strength and the muscle strength of animals to meet their needs. They mounted horses and used them as a means of transportation. Today, phaetons pulled by horses and sleds pulled by wolf dogs are still found and used at the pole. Humanity used this as the primary tool in the first development of the need for action, but power; More precisely, there was a limit to muscle strength. Higher speeds were needed.

Water and Wind Power

Traveling on the water was a faster and more powerful movement. Humanity, traveling with the current, has learned to sail against the wind. However, the society, which could not fully meet what they wanted with the wind, built channels to go wherever they wanted. Speed was limited in the channels. But humanity continued to evolve.


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