The gas enveloping the world is called the atmosphere.

The gas enveloping the world is called the atmosphere. The lower limit of the atmosphere coincides with the land and sea surfaces. The upper limit is determined by the effect of gravity. Because the gravity increases from the equator to the poles, the shape of the atmosphere is global like the shape of the earth.
The atmosphere is divided into several layers due to the mixture of gases that make up itself and the differences in flow. These layers are listed as troposphere, stratosphere, chromosphere, ionosphere and exosphere.

rock formation during golden hour
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The atmosphere, which is closest to the earth, is the lower part.
75% of all gases are present in this layer. The highest density is the layer.
The troposphere heats from the bottom up with the rays reflected from the ground to the air, so the lower parts are warmer. The temperature decreases by about 0.5 ° C every 100 meters as it rises above the ground. Since all water vapor is present in the troposphere, all meteorological events occur here. Its height is 6 km at the poles and 16 km at the equator.

It is the layer above the troposphere. Horizontal air movements are seen. Since water vapor is almost absent, vertical air movements cannot occur. Therefore, the temperature distribution is quite smooth. The temperature is approximately -50 ° C everywhere. The height limit is 25 – 30 km above the ground.




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