Turbo/Ram Jet Engines and SR-71 Blackbird

The turbo / ram jet engine is a combination of a turbo jet engine and a ram jet engine used for 3 mach + speeds and delivers good performance at high mach levels. When a jet motor with variable inlet and afterburning capacity reaches 3 meq speed, the air flowing into the motor is directly directed to the afterburner unit via IGV (Inlet Guide Vanes).turbo-ram-jet


Turbo ram jets by some different research groups and sources are also referred to as turbo rocket engines. Turbo rocket engines used in space vehicles, turbo ram and other gas turbine engine variants of the basic and obvious difference in the oxygen required for combustion is carried.roket-motoru


This is how it works in space, that is, in an airless environment. This engine type was used on the SR-71 model of the Lockheed Martin company. In 1966, the jet was created with the aim of espionage, with a 5,400 km range, and retired in 1999. In 1976, the record was set at 3,540 km / h.


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