Aircraft Engines – IAE V2500

Produced in 1983 and certified in 1988, this engine is widely used on Airbus A320 aircraft. In 1984 Airbus preferred this after CFM56 and was produced by International Aero Engines. It is a multinational partnership company, as it appears in name and engine name.The letter V in V2500 specifies the 5 companies that make production. These companies include giants such as General Electric Pratt Whitney, MTU and Japanese Aero Engine Corporation.


V2500 is a high by-pass turbofan with different variants that can produce power between 23,000 and 31,300 lbf. Airbus A319 / 320/321 have also been used on aircraft such as McDonnell Douglas MD-90 and Embraer KC-390. We can say that these planes appeal to narrow-haul mid-size planes.The A320s use the V2500-A1, V2527-A5 type and have 25000-26000 lbf power. Except for power factors such as bypass ratios and pressure ratios, the V2500’s fuel consumption is much lower than CFM56, with physically similar sizes and a similarity to CFM56 engines with + -100 kg and 2300 kg weight.


But against this positive effect, it is a matter of debate that the V2500 has a higher cost of maintenance than the CFM56, which we have described as revision.


The HPT V2500’s High Pressure Turbine is manufactured by Pratt Whitney, LPT Low Pressure Turbine MTU Aerospace, LPC Low Pressure Compressor  Japanese Aero Engine Corporation. The engine has 4 stage LP compressor, 10 stage HP compressor, 2 stage HP turbine and 5 stage LP turbine.



  1. I worked on her prayer for 30 years. Stars in the Air Force worked on C 141, C 5,KC135 ,C135, C130, B52G&H,
    T38,T39, F111, B1 , B2 , C118, Boeing 707
    ,737-400 ,747-400 , 767 , EC135 Flight Test. Got out of the aircraft business in 1998 But still enjoy looking and seeing her craft especially the newer stuff still wished I was it going in flight test best job I ever had


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