Why was the F-22 produced?

The wars are blowing. Keep the gun at one side; The plane shoots, runs away. I interpret this situation this way. Yahu writer, if you are a little more hungry, I would like to continue. The technology is getting so much so that it stays in place to have a war jet, to hold an ammunition, to shoot a gun, to shoot a bomb. In addition to pushpins and Visual ** factors, intelligent ammunition is added to airplanes now, and you can find and find your plane without seeing your radar on your radar. That was the biggest feature of the F-35. The battles focus on radar, intelligent systems. Electronic mixers can blind you. Here are the differences right here.


By the end of the Cold War times; The maneuvering of the Mig-29s and SU-27s as a kind of amusement to the western segments, and the development in the hardware field, makes the US need a new air vehicle. The F-22 is right here. The US, which did not want to leave the F-15 Eagle plane in front of the Soviet Jetts, launched the ATF program in 1981 and brought the first F-22 to the skies in 1997.

What are the factors that make F-22 invisible to the radar?

One of the biggest factors that the enemy does not notice you is undoubtedly speed and radar trace. The F-22 provides it in a few ways. First, Pratt & Whitney has two 155 kN engines (35,000 lb). Afterburner can fly at supersonic speeds without sequins. Another point I would like to draw your attention to in the photo is that it does not contain any ammunition other than the plane.

He’s carrying all his weapons in the body. Together with the composite materials used, this also allows a small trace to the radar and virtually undetectable. Another factor is the radar system used by the F-22. This radar is Northrop Grumman production AN / APG-77. It changes the parameters of the radar waves produced against the radar warning systems in a very short time.


F-22 Technical Specifications

In addition to its technological superiority, the F-22 can also be considered as a large aircraft. Despite being single-piloted, it is 18.9 meters long, 13.5 meters wide and 5 meters high. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 27.22 MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weigh), while the empty weight is 14.37 tonnes.

I hope it was an article that you are informative and enjoying. Thank you. 🙂
* According to Fortune data
** Eye contact


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