Contrary to what is believed, the lifting force that allows the aircraft to stay in the air is not engines, but wings. The mission of the engine on the aircraft is to provide the thrust needed to accelerate the aircraft. With the acceleration that the engine creates, the plane starts to accelerate. Due to the special aerodynamic structure of the accelerating aircraft wings, it begins to take off due to the lift force generated under the wing. The lifting force of the wings depends on the foundation of the formation of the Bernoulli Principle.


What is the best Bernoulli Principle and how does it work?

Let’s examine it.Air is a fluid. According to Bernoulli, fluids reach the end of each part of cismin in the same time as they pass an object. Here, the fluid fixed object may be in motion. And again according to the Bernoulli Principle, as the velocity of the fluids increases, the pressure drops. According to Bernoulli, the half-drop of the aircraft wing is rapidly passing through the air, while the air molecules traveling from the top of the wing through the long path reach the back of the wing, underneath, the air molecules coming from the short path. As they have reached the same point, those who come from the long way are fast. Because they came fastDue to the pressure drop above. The high pressure under the plane’s wing pushes up the plane, creating the lifting force that the plane needs to lift from the ground. We can explain the airing of the aircraft as basic and simple in this way.


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