The Most Secure Seat on an Airplane

Let’s answer the problem where today’s plane is the most reliable … After the plane crashes, investigations are done, damage is detected, analyzes are carried out and analyzes are made about the aircraft and the effects that the accident creates. Which seats are safe in one of these subjects? Of course, there can be no definite jurisdiction except for investigations, these numbers can not be a clarity in the form of the following seats.
Now let’s look at the results of the research together and make a brief evaluation. Consider the clearest and most reliable research results. One is the British University of Greenwich. Over the course of a 30-year period, more than 100 plane crashes and seats in which the survivors were seated were examined. Another result is explained by Time magazine, which reviews FAA reports.

Which Seats Are Safer?

According to the report results;
Emergency exit doors
Those positions 1-2 front and back
Front and back regions of the aircraft
Seats on the side of the hallway
there is less risk than the remaining zones.

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